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Reusable Dust Cleaning Gel


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Worried about how to clean a keyboard, car air vent or some small places? Try to find some tools to improve the efficiency of cleaning these places? Want to make the cleaning a little bit fun? Our Dust Cleaning Gel is here for all your need!!!

Product Description:

Function: Sticking the dust and dirt thoroughly by pressing it onto the surfaces that you would like to clean.

Multi-Use: Remove dust, hair, crumbs, and dirt from the car air vent, tablets, keyboard, remote controller, calculator, and some hard to reach spots around your house quickly and efficiently. 

Non-Toxic And Safe: Environmentally and safe material to make sure it’s no harm for a human to use.

Easy To Use: Simply put the gal on the surface that you want to clean, press it several times and then pick it up.

Durable: Can be reused many times without cleaning it until it’s not sticky or you feel it’s too dirty to use.

How To Use:

Dry your hand first.

Take the gel out and knead it several times.

Put the gel on the surface that you want clean and press it 2-3 times.

Pick the gel up.

Fold the gel or knead it to continue the cleaning.

Put the gel back into its bag and seal the bag after using it.


Better not put it on other product’s surfaces for more than a minute. Otherwise, it will flow into the small cracks, leaves little bits of itself and it’s hard to be picked up thoroughly. 

If it do flow into some small cracks because of time, please be patient and stick them out with the remaining large part of the gel.

Do not use it to clean books, clothes, mouse pad or anything can absorb its moisture.


Keep it away from kids and pets!

Don’t eat it!!!!

Do not use/put it at high temperatures!

Keep it in a cool and dry place!

Package Includes:

1 X Dust Cleaning Gel